About us


Domenico Bartolomeo was born in the middle of the sixties and was already inspired by the sound of the saxophone as a child. He immediately began to study this wonderful instrument and the historical backgrounds of it.

Some years later, in the nineties, he decided to dedicate himself to the repairation and to the "care" of the saxophone and studied the appropriate technical knowledge during a long apprenticeship at the laboratory "La fucina del suono" of Luigi Papagni in Bisceglie (BA). He also studied with masters in the field of repairation like Gianni Mimmo and Emilio Lyons. With never stopping interest and energy he continues to study and deepen his knowledge by reading translated texts of other masters from the whole world like Ernest Ferron, Steve Goodson, Curt Altarac, Donald Saska among others. Domenico Bartolomeo

In 2007 he gave birth to a laboratory dedicated exclusively to the saxophone and its restauration and repairation, where he is able to invent new techniques and build innovative tools and materials. This helps him to afford a higher level of ability in the area of "saxophone personalisation".

"SOS SAX" is the name of the laboratory located in Bitetto, a small village near the city of Bari (ca. 12 km), where now a lot of professional and international known artists but also newcomers can find help for the mechanical, acoustic or even esthetic problems of their beloved instrument.