The Laboratory

The laboratory offers following services on all the saxophones of every factory and historical epoque, from the early years to nowadays:
  • Different kinds of repairations on mechanical parts (keys, springs, pads, corks, felts, screws .... ) and on the body of the instrument (neck, body, bow and bell).
  • Silver and tin soldering on mechanical parts and on the body.
  • Elimination of dents on the body.
  • Regulation of the mechanics and modification of the keyopening to improve the intonation and the soundprojection of the instrument.
  • Elimination and improving of acustical problems.
  • Elimination of mechanical noises.
  • Modification of mechanical parts to make the keys more fluid and comfortable for the fingers.
  • Cleaning and washing of the instrument.
  • Unlacquering of keys and body.
  • Buffering of the keys and of the body of silver plated saxophones and pure brass saxophones.
  • Expansion and reduction of the tenon diameter of the neck.
  • Adjustment of the chimneys of the tone holes.
  • Centering of the keys and elimitation of free spaces between theĀ  mechanical parts; elimination of metallic noises.
  • Exchange of all the parts proned to usury.
  • Lubrication of pivots and shifts of the keys.
  • Rebuilding or replication of damaged or lost parts.
  • Change of motherpearls and rollers.
  • Personalized engravings.

The materials and spare parts are of professional quality: Laboratorio

Pads: PISONI PRO, PRESTINI ES e KS, RooPads, SaxGourmet, Conn Res-O-Pads, Buescher Snap-In Pads.

: convex metal with or without rivet, flat metal, plastic, Noyek and Maestro, ResoTech.

Springs (needle and flat)
: Pisoni Blued Steel.

Corks: first class natural corks or synthetic.

: different colors and thickness.

The laboratory uses specific and professional equipment of last generation and also self built items, unifying tradition and modern technology with passion and attention.